Did you know

  • Choose your toilet seat size and shape
  • Different material of toilet seat
  • Soft close hinge function

How to choose toilet seat shape?

The toilet seat is a component to having a great toilet seat. Besides appearance there are many aspects and features that should be considered when selecting the perfect toilet seat for your bathroom such as size, all toilets are not the same so it’s important to find one that best matches your size and shape.

Here is the process of how to choose a toilet seat shape.

Here’s how to measure for a toilet seat size:

You will need to take 4 measurements from your toilet: Length, width, height and distance between fixing holes.

1.For length, place one end of your tape measure between the fixing holes and stretch out to the very front end of your toilet.

2.For width, measure across the pan at the widest point.

3.For height, measure the distance between the fixing holes and the cistern or wall.

4. Note the distance between the 2 fixing holes as these can sometimes vary between seats.

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