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What are the toilet seats materials


For consumers, when purchasing a toilet, in addition to considering the brand of the toilet, the material should also be considered.

And when judging the quality of a toilet, it can also be judged by the material of the toilet seat. For example, if it is made of plastic, the price of the toilet will not be too high.
1. Toilet seat material
1. Urea-formaldehyde cover plate:
In terms of production, the urea-formaldehyde cover plate is made by grinding raw materials into powder and then undergoing high-pressure production.
The toilet cover of this material is relatively strong in terms of abrasion resistance and scratching, and it is also easy to clean during use. Generally, the toilet cover of this material is used on high-end toilets, and the appearance is relatively smooth and porcelain.

2. PVC board:
The commonly used cover material is PVC board, which is what we commonly call PP board.
PVC board is a kind of vacuum blister film. Although it belongs to plastic material, PVC board is improved on the basis of plastic.
At present, this material is widely used in the packaging industry. The hardness of the PVC board toilet seat is higher than that of general plastic material, and its practicality is also higher.

3. Plastics (ABs):

Basically, in terms of price, the price of plastic toilet seats is relatively low. Basically, toilets priced between 300 and 800 yuan are made of plastic.
The toilet cover of this material is relatively low in price, and correspondingly, it is slightly inferior to other materials in terms of product quality.

4. Wood:
Wooden toilet seats are not common, because if it is not a wooden toilet, wooden toilet seats are rarely chosen to match.
In order to play a waterproof role, the wooden toilet seat has also undergone special treatment. In terms of price, the price of wooden toilet seats is also higher because of the higher production costs.

5. Acrylic:
Acrylic sheet is transliterated, and the material is plexiglass that has been specially treated. This kind of glass has a higher hardness and a higher cost.

The toilet cover of this kind of material is relatively high in aesthetics, and is generally used on toilets aimed at the high-end market. In addition, it is also relatively high in gloss and color.