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What to pay attention to when using the toilet


1. Don't put trash cans next to the toilet
I believe everyone habitually puts a trash can next to the toilet, and then throws the used paper in it, at least for more than two days there. The toilet is relatively humid, and the paper in the trash can easily breeds bacteria when it gets wet. Our human body has a great impact. Therefore, it is best not to place trash cans in our bathroom.

2. Cover the toilet seat when flushing
If you open the toilet lid while flushing, the cyclone inside the toilet is easy to breed bacteria, and then in the air for a few hours, our toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, and towels will be infected with bacteria.

3. Keep the toilet brush clean
If the toilet brush is not clean and dry, it will become a source of pollution. Every time we brush the dirt, some dirt will be stained on the brush. It is recommended to rinse it again. After rinsing, drain the water, spray the disinfectant, and then hang up the toilet brush, not in the corner.