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Why are foreign toilets U-shaped?


Is the domestic toilet O-shaped?

After consulting some information, it was found that U-shaped toilet seats were used in foreign toilets. The original purpose was to prevent theft. Indeed, in some news, reports of the theft of toilet seats in foreign public toilets will also be seen. In terms of production, U-shaped toilet seat materials are much lower than O-shaped toilet seats, and the price is cheaper.

For people in European and American countries, the body is much heavier than people in our country. Compared with the O-shaped toilet, the U-shaped structure carries more weight. Correspondingly, the service life will be longer.

In fact, the toilet seat was originally designed for the convenience of women. For women, they can avoid contact with the skin when the cushion defecates. It is also good to avoid the appearance of bacteria, and it can also prevent urine from splashing on the toilet seat when urinating. Keep the toilet seat in a cleaner and cleaner state. In this way, the U-shaped toilet seat is avoided so that different people will not touch the same place when using it, and cleanliness is ensured. It can be seen that these reasons still require more attention.

I believe that I have introduced so much. Why are foreign toilet seats U-shaped, while our domestic toilet seats are O-shaped? It is related to these reasons. I hope you will pay more attention to it. Moreover, when using the toilet, there are some precautions that everyone can not ignore, and we must pay special attention. Use the toilet correctly to gain health, don't take it lightly.