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Maintenance and replacement of toilet lid slow-down damping


The toilet lid has been used for a long time, and sometimes you will find that when the lid is closed, the lid will pop down and fall heavily on the toilet. If you go to the toilet at night, the sound will be particularly harsh. The lid of a newly bought toilet generally falls slowly, and it will stagnate at any angle. If there is a rapid drop of the toilet lid, it means that its damping system, that is, the slow-down system, has failed. So how to deal with this kind of failure?
First check the toilet lid. Put down the upright toilet lid. If the toilet lid can stay in any position and fall slowly and evenly, it means that there is no problem with the toilet lid. If the toilet lid or seat cushion falls down quickly with a snap, it means that the damping system slow down system is malfunctioning.
First, press the inner side of the pin at the joint between the toilet lid and the toilet to the outside, and then lift the toilet lid up. In this way, the toilet lid can be easily removed. If you look from the outside, you can’t see any unloading place. This is the place that needs special instructions to remove the toilet cover. It is specially designed in this way for the sake of beauty. You can’t find the screws to remove the toilet cover for a long time with a tool. .
Take a right-angle corner hexagonal wrench, use the short end to insert one end of the pin from the outside, and push it hard to the inside, then the pin will come out. Then take out the pin on the other side. This is also an important step, and there is generally no place for disassembly.
The two pins removed are the damping slow-down system of the toilet lid. It is generally composed of an inner and outer cylinder and a viscous damping fluid sealed in the cylinder. Failures are due to poor sealing and damping fluid leakage. Repairs are difficult and can only be replaced. After dismantling, measure the size of each part, and buy the same type of pin according to the structure.
Install the pin on the toilet lid in the reverse order of the removal. Then align the two holes on the pins under the toilet lid with the two small uprights on the toilet, and press down to install it, which is very simple.
After installation, check whether the toilet lid and toilet seat can stay in any position. As long as it can stay in any position, it means that there is no problem with the damping slow-down system. The disassembly of the toilet cover can also be used for cleaning and sanitation. The toilet will be dirty after being used for a long time. Remove the toilet cover according to the above method, which can be easily cleaned. If you don't remove it, many places will be out of reach of tools and cannot be cleaned.