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The feature of the UF toilet seat


Urea formaldehyde(UF)toilet seat is mainly used to prepare amino alkyd baking paint with alkyd resin to improve the hardness and dryness of paint film. UF toilet seat can be combined with non drying alkyd resin to make acid curing amino paint, which can be used for light covering of wood furniture. But the weather resistance, water resistance and light retention are slightly poor. Epoxy resin and alkyd resin can be used to prepare primers and indoor paints with different properties. The main features include:

1. The price of the UF toilet seat is cheap and the raw materials are sufficient.

2. The molecular structure of urea formaldehyde(UF)toilet seat contains polar oxygen atoms, so it has good adhesion to the surface. It can be used for primer and intermediate coating to improve the adhesion between topcoats.

3. Because UF toilet seat can be cured at room temperature when using acid catalyst, it can be used for two-component wood coatings.

4. The paint film cured with urea formaldehyde resin has good flexibility.

5. Urea formaldehyde resin has high viscosity, high acid value and poor storage stability.