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The introduction of the UF toilet seat


Urea formaldehyde resin, also known as urea formaldehyde resin, referred to as UF(UF toilet seat), with an average molecular weight of about 10000. Urea and 37% formaldehyde aqueous solution can be polycondensated under the catalysis of acid or alkali to obtain linear urea formaldehyde oligomer. (UF toilet seat)In industry, alkali is used as catalyst, the reaction is about 95 ℃, and the molar ratio of formaldehyde / urea is 1.5 ~ 2.0 to ensure that the resin can be cured. The first step is to produce one and dimethylmethyl urea, then the hydroxyl group is further condensed with the amino group to get the soluble resin, and if it is catalyzed by acid, the gel will be formed. (UF toilet seat)The product can only be stored under neutral conditions. Linear urea formaldehyde resin can be cured at room temperature with ammonium chloride as curing agent. The molding powder is heated and cured at 130 ~ 160 ℃, and accelerators such as zinc sulfate, trimethyl phosphate and diethyl oxalate can accelerate the curing process. Urea formaldehyde resin is mainly used in the manufacture of molded plastics, daily necessities and electrical parts. It can also be used as plate adhesive, paper and fabric slurry, veneer, building decoration board, etc. Because of its light color and easy coloring, products are often rich and beautiful in color.(UF toilet seat)