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Repairment of toilet seats


When using the toilet, there are often some problems. For example, the toilet is often blocked, or the toilet is not flushing properly, etc. It can be solved according to the specific situation. What should you do if the toilet seat is broken? 
Animal printed MDF toilet seat
How to repair a broken toilet seat
1.Some toilet lids are fixed with screws. At this time, you only need to find the screw cap, remove the screw with a wrench, and replace it with a new one. The screw cap installed in the bright place is easy to unscrew directly. The screw cap installed in the dark place cannot be seen. It is usually located on the side of the toilet near the water tank. After opening the cover, you can usually find it by touching the direction of the water tank. It is also a very skillful thing to replace the flip cover of the toilet.
2.If the toilet is fixed with fixing bolts, when replacing the toilet cover, you only need to remove the fixing bolts behind the toilet to remove the toilet cover. After measuring the size, the distance of the screw holes, the width and length of the toilet cover, buy a new toilet cover to replace it. When installing, screw the screw in the opposite direction.
3.Different styles of toilet covers are installed differently, and the bottom of the toilet cover is connected to the toilet by screws. As long as you reach down to the rear of the toilet and find the screws on both sides, you can unscrew the entire toilet. The lid is removed, and then the toilet lid is replaced, which is also convenient.
4.Of course, if these simple disassembly methods do not work, it is recommended to find a professional to disassemble it. Remember not to forcefully disassemble it yourself, which will damage the toilet and cause damage. At present, many bathroom brands also provide free door-to-door replacement services for toilet lids.